Past, Recent, and Future Cultural Events and Projects sponsored by M.B.C.E and MAARHCAC 


Lubbock, Texas

First Annual Caprock Jazz Festival


The first annual Caprock Jazz Festival aims to bring high quality contemporary jazz performers to the South Plains. The festival is also a major fundraiser for the Roots Historical Arts Council and the Caviel Museum of African American History in Lubbock, TX. 


"Brimming with good vibes, Tom Braxton’s THE NEXT CHAPTER
is a guaranteed chart topper!" ~


Carole Joyce

Who Are We


The Midland African American Roots Historical Cultural Arts Council


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MAARHCAC organized for the purpose of bringing to Midland a cultural revolution of art works, crafts, artifacts, literature, contemporary art and photographs, performing arts, musicians, theater, and music appreciation, of African- American history and culture. MAARHCAC is organized for chairtable and educational purposes and to improve, enhance, and beautify. The organization's goal is to emphasize and enhance culture and human dignity. MAARHCAC is supported by funds recieved from donations, grants, and projects. NIA Productions is an incorporated entity and is umbrelled by MAARHCAC.